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Data Analytics to emerge as highest in demand, know the fresh stats.


Career in IT is not just restricted to software development, programming & coding. There are many other career options in IT field which are highly in demand & further expected to grow for next 4-5 years. India’s analytics industry is…

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Top engineering skills to be in demand for next couple of years.


Technologies keep on changing rapidly and it is really important for engineers to continuously evolve their skill-set if they want to get jobs and command premium salaries. As a student, you need to ensure to be updated and posses the…

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Top 25 IT skills in demand in job market.

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All of us take a new resolution at the beginning of new year so professional as well plan about their career related decisions in the year. Beginning of the year is the crucial time to set targets and plan accordingly…

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IT is getting transformed, so you too get.

IT innovation_1

A lot of changes are happening in technology and a lot of changes are happening in customer itself, so IT industry also warns changes in way it is working and delivering services to be sustainable. IT tops in all industries…

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After B Tech – MBA or M Tech. Confused?


B Tech, a name which is often listened around. A four year engineering degree, B Tech is the academic qualification for the students to be eligible for engineering job. After B Tech, whether the students get the job or not, the…

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