Do you recognize South India with Idli-Dosa? Know more about diversity of South India.


Usually when we think about southern states of India, various cuisines like Idli-Dosa and Sambhar instantly come into our mind. But there are several other things which make southern states special. In this post we share you with various specialties of South India where people are generally not the part of discussion. Here these are –

Best quality silk & cotton clothing – From silk sarees of Kerala to Pochampalli Puttu sarees of Telengana, creativity of southern sarees cannot be matched anywhere in the world.

Classical dances – Probably it’s hard to find someone who isn’t aware of substantial cultural legacy of South India. All popular classical dances have originated from south states. Be it Bharatnatyam of Tamilnadu, Kuchipudi of Andhara and Katthakali of Kerala; all dances reflect rich cultural ethos of the South India.

Cotton production – More than 48% cotton produced in whole Indian is produced in South. Coimbatore city of Tamilnadu produces 35% of cotton in total production in the country.

Spices – Indian is the highest spices producer in the world. Every year, fifteen lac ton spices are produced in India & southern state’s contribution is nine lac ton.

Global heritages – A number of amazing spots in India have been identified as world heritage by UNESCO and 7 out of these spots are situated in South India. Hampi, The Great Living Chola Temples, Temples of Mahabalipuram, Nilgiri Mountain Railway, Western Ghats & Pattadakal are pronounced as world heritage by UNESCO.

Coconut – Cuisines, prepared with coconut as major ingredient, are important part of South India. More than 75% production of coconut is produced in South.

All parts of our country are known for any uniqueness. Today we discovered some unique features of South India, we will share with you more parts and their specialties in future posts. Thanks for reading!

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