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Children are very vulnerable to burn and scalding. Take these preventive measure to protect child burns.


Children are very vulnerable to burn and scalding as they are unaware of various dangerous things or situations which can scald them. Sometimes due to very tiny negligence innocents become victim of serious hazard. Sometimes, even if we leave child…

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Despite exercise are you still gaining weight in office? These might be the possible reasons.


You are exercising every day, even on Sundays. Yet the weighing scale does not seem to come under your turf. Even though you are doing everything right, you do not seem to lose weight. For working millennials, work-life balance has…

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The toxic ‘Smog’ badly affecting your health. Follow these preventives to minimize the effect.


The entire north India is covered by dangerous and toxic smog. The situation has worsened by burning stubble by farmers of Punjab, Haryana and some other states. Situation is alarming in Delhi where air quality has deteriorated to such extent…

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With extended summers, dengue menace troubling all. Here are some prevention.


The weather is neither hot nor cold and with the weather being pleasant for us, it has become favorable for mosquitoes to breed and flourish. The maximum number of mosquito borne diseases are reported in September & continues till late…

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These are some edible oils to keep your heart healthy.


Our eating habits, diet and lifestyle play a major role in maintaining the health of heart and deciding the risk of heart trouble we may face. The food choices we make have a direct impact on your hearth health and…

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