Aadhar linking with mobile becomes easier through IVR call. Know the precess here.


Government has directed all mobile users to link their mobile numbers with twelve digits, Aadhar, a unique identification numbers provided to all Indian citizens. Linking mobile with Aadhar has become easier as all telecom operators have started the linking through IVR (interactive voice response) call. Earlier, linking Aadhar with mobile was possible by visiting the mobile operator’s verification points where subscribers had to share Aadhar details and verify through biometrics.


To verify mobile and link with Aadhar, subscribers need to update their mobile number with UIDAI as subscribers will get an OTP (one time password) on the mobile number. Subscribers need to dial the number 14546 preferably from the mobile which they want to link Aadhar for. This IVR call is started by government of India and is toll free. Subscribers need to ensure availability of Aadhar number and the mobile on which Aadhar OTP will be received. Here’s the process how Aadhar with your mobile number can be linked –

  • Call on mobile number 14546 (Toll Free)
  • IVR will confirm whether you are Indian or NRI, on your selection of the option, you will be asked to give consent to link Aadhar by selecting option 1.
  • You will be asked to enter your twelve digit Aadhar number and press ‘1’.
  • If your details are correct, you will receive OTP on the number entered in your Aadhar database.
  • Enter the OTP when you are asked by the IVR.
  • On successful match of the OTP, press ‘1’. Your number will be verified.
  • You will instant receive the confirmation message details received. The further process will be completed within 48 hours after details are received by the operator.

This eased process will enable users to link mobiles with Aadhar without disturbing their schedule and conveniently. Government aims to link mobile with Aadhar to curb illegal numbers operational which might be involved in terror activities. With mobile numbers linked with Aadhar, subscribers will easily obtain a new SIM in case their SIM is lost or misplaced.

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