Fake or Genuine? This is how can you identify people around.


You meet several people at different occasions. Especially in your professional life, you have to be with different people like colleagues & associates. Here, in this post we mention two general types of people you face in your life; the real ones & fake ones. It’s important for you to identify people around you so that you could exactly know the person. The fake people sugarcoat their words to appear harmless but in actual they have a hidden selfish motive to achieve whereas the genuine people may sound harsh and straightforward but they don’t have any hidden or selfish motive to achieve. Here are few ways to identify people around you with their habits whether they are genuine or fake –


How they behave with others – The genuine people respect everyone regardless their social status whereas fake people show respect to powerful people. The genuine people are courteous with everyone whereas fake people show respect to only those whom they expect something from.

Establishing bonds – The fake people do not take much time to develop bond with others because they are not at all concerned about stability of the bond. They just say yes to all opportunistic bonds without thinking the long term association. Opposite to fake people, genuine people take some time to develop a new connection. They okay a bond after analyzing the long term durability and effectiveness.

Attention seekers – The fake people cannot remain in background activities and like to be in limelight and they pull others to remain in front whereas the genuine people don’t hesitate to work in background and give access to other to move ahead.

Talking about themselves – The genuine people are very humble and attribute the success to the group whereas the fake people try to project a success the one man show and don’t acknowledge the involvement of others in accomplishment of task. Fake people don’t show any chance to show off.

Pretending a lot – The genuine people keep working silently without creating mess around whereas the fake people create so mess so that their work should get noticed. The recall about any of your office buddies who keeps on working and one who is just rushing as if he is doing everything in the office.

Gossiping – The genuine people discuss positive thoughts and ambitious plans with people whereas fake people are seen discussing negative thoughts and gossiping to spread negativity among others.

Helping – The genuine people are always open to help others to without thinking their own personal benefit in this whereas fake people assure everybody to help or assist in any task but when it actually comes to act, they back off.

So, here are some ways to identify fake & genuine people around you. There might me minor variation in the facts mentioned in the post. So you have to use your own observation and judiciousness to judge a person so that you don’t misinterpret someone. How people interpret you is totally in your hands by behaving genuinely or fake.

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